Can I ask you a favour?

Hi there,

Hope you are well! We are having such a nice time on our favorite place of all, the amazing Scottish Isle of Iona on the west cost of

Scotland! Pic of the best moments that a busy working mum gets during nap time!

It's made shooting a kitchen session this week a bit tricky though so you'll forgive us if we don't have a new video for you for one week...

What I've done is dig out one from our archives that I really love... This song is by one of our favorite bands and just paints such a picture as the best songs do! (funnily enough at the end of this video... this was one we shot just before we went on holiday too! Must have been meant to be for today ; )

Before I do though I wondered if I could could ask you a quick favor?

It's to simply share this coupon below

One of the best ways for word about our music to grow... Is for folks to share this small pink coupon below (all you have to do is to hit it) and the link to share it on your facebook should appear... You can mention what it is you enjoy about our music and let folks know about our 7 free songs...

If you enjoy our kitchen sessions, 7 free songs and just Ashton Lane music in general, a great way you can thank us is to simply hit this coupon, share it

and encourage friends to sign up for our 7 free songs. If everyone that's connected to our music, gets one or two others to connect, then it grows in this

great viral kind of way!

If you could take 2 seconds and do that for us, we'll be so grateful!

OK, I am away to walk on a beach, take some time out to think, read, reflect and hopefully come back to Glasgow all re charged.

Thanks for all your support, thanks for sharing, thanks for listening and feeding back!

All the very best

Esther xxx