GEMS and Jewels for Hope

Great amount of suggestions yesterday from the post on
coming up with a new name that better represents music

List of the suggestions below, let me know your favorite,
the top one is winning it for me at the moment
1) GEMS (Genuinely Enthusiastic Music Supporters)
2) SOGS (Supporter Of Great Sounds)
3) LOAM (Lovers of artists & music)
4) LAMA's (Lovers and Appreciators of Musical Artists)
5) M,Lover,s
6) M,Lufhers
7) Supporters? Persons of good taste?
8) PSALMs (People who Support and Love Music
9) SALMs (Supporters and Lovers of Music)
10) Aprovo(s) (we who appreciate (approve) the music of, etc)

Here a few cool suggestions for specific Ashton Lane 'GEMS' Oh yeh,
that could catch on! Some of these sound like something from 'Game of Thrones'!
1) Ashtonites
2) Ashtonians
3) ashtins
4) ALF (Ashton Lane Followers)

Really fun discussion here, look forward to the continuing thoughts on this,
do leave comments with any further suggestions/ thoughts...

Really nice surprise this morning too, a GEM Stevie got in touch via facebook and
asked if he could send Tim, James and I and asked if they could send us 3 bracelets from
Jewels for Hope

They are a lovely hand made jewelry company that donates part of their projects to major
charities, you can check them out here!

Thanks Stevie!

Blessings to all