With Christmas coming and the cold winter nights drawing in, here’s
a great way to get to an Ashton Lane gig with out leaving the
comfort of your living room.

What’s the idea?
It’s pretty simple. You host an up close and exclusive gig, in the
living room, in the comfort of your own home. We will take you on a
musical journey through some of our songs interwoven with some
select covers that we enjoy performing (we can even take some
requests prior to the gig) We are also able to make
the evening themed specifically around Advent and Christmas
including some classic carols and seasonal songs.
They’re very easy to organise and less hassle than a full blown
‘venue’ gig.

How does it work ?
You take a reasonably sized living room, move the sofas/chairs back
and spread a few cushions around. Light some candles, a fire if you
have one and dim the lights (fairy lights make a really lovely
impact). Make a little space in the corner, bay window, or in the
middle – enough for 2 of us. Lay on a bit of a buffet, drinks &
nibbles.(maybe mulled wine and mince pies if its around Christmas)
Invite 15-30 friends (dependent on the size of the room) to come
along to a gig – in the living room !

As an excuse to get together a bunch of folks you’ve been meaning
to see for ages, as an excuse to get to a gig without hiring a
babysitter, as an interesting alternative to a book group/justice
group Christmas social, – whatever – it’s great fun and very
relaxed and easy to set-up and run.
“A great night out by staying in !”
What does it cost ?
We require a minimum fee of £250, However most people don’t blink
at paying £10 to go to the cinema these days – so between £7-£10
for an evening of Live Acoustic Music by professional musicians is
very good value. If you can invite 25-30 people this will be
If the gigs are within an hour of glasgow, we will require no extra
travel costs. For gigs further away we will require travel covered
and accommodation, (either fuel, cheap Ryanair flights and a Cheap
B&B) this can be discussed and kept to a minimum. We are happy to
travel anywhere, for gigs outside the UK and Europe, please email
us and we will figure something out.

If you think you living room is too small, it probably isn’t.
However you could get together with a friend with a bigger living
room or hold it in the local pub or coffee shop

Do we need to supply any equipment ?
No – it’s completely acoustic with no PA or lights required.

How long is it ?
As long as you want it to be. Normally we will do two 30 to 40
minute sets either side of a 40 minute break. This way there’s
plenty of time before and after to chat and socialise and enough
room in between for a bit of food ! But it’s up to you – it can be
longer or shorter dependent on what you want.

How do I book ?
drop us an e-mail to alinnercircle@hotmail.co.uk