Lots of newness

First blog of this new site. Exciting stuff. I've been meaning to get into this blogging malarky for ages now
and finally getting round to it. Seemed like the perfect time with the new album nearing completion and
a general sense of change in the air. I have posted a preview of 6 songs from the forthcoming brand new album 'Fire Up Ahead' (You can listen on the music player to the right). This gives a flavor of the sound of the new record. Would love to get your comments and feedback about what you think of the new songs. I can't really explain how I feel at the moment coming to the completion of this album, it has been a real creative journey and a development for me and the band in the craft of song writing. It has also been a real boost to me to be to be in the finals of the International songwriting competition with 'One Kiss Later'. Hopefully a good sign of things to come for this album.
Check back soon for new blogs, and up to date photos and videos of our adventures.
Esther x