Hey from Ashton Lane!

Hi guys,

Planning to get back into blogging a bit more...

Thought I'd post a little romantic song seen as it's valentines day ; )

You can watch that here

Update too, we are hugely looking forward to our second VIP,  arriving next week from the United States for an exclusive day writing and recording with Ashton Lane...

Our first VIP day was with Trevor Ward, and it was an incredible experience. Trevor spent the day with us in our studio and we wrote and recorded this song together (another romantic one, so also a good valentines song!) Please do leave us your comments in the facebook box below to let us know what you think!


To point out, in order to take part in the VIP day


You spend the day with us, and we will write a song based on your story or idea.

You will be an official co-writer with Ashton lane, we then record the song in our

recording studio and you get to be there as the song is shaped, arranged and performed,

adding your imput if you would like (in exec producer roll!)...

We perform 6 songs of your choice for you at the recording studio as a private gig!

We will then release your song worldwide via iTunes Amazon and a host of other online retailers

and also you a video diary of the day...

There are limited spaces so we are taking ebay style bids, if you fancy the idea just email your

very best bid to ashtonlanemusic@gmail.com and call it VIP Bid


What we are offering is

* A Full day Once in a lifetime experience


To start with...


* Early breakfast together at our favorite bohemian Glasgow Cafe



* Travel to the recording studio and write a song with Ashton Lane IN PERSON songwriting session at the Foundry Music Lab


* Start recording the Song at Foundry Music Lab and produce the track to a professional level...


* You have the opportunity to play or sing something (just if you want!) might even just be shaking a shaker but be great to get 
you officially "On the record!)


* A live ASHTON LANE gig JUST FOR YOU! LIVE performance in the studio of 6 songs, we will requests from you before hand and learn them up.

To finish off!


* Cocktails and Dinner out together at the very best restaurant in Glasgow...


Now it's hard to put a price on something like this, so what I have decided is to take bids...


We are opening we only have limited spaces available so send me in your very best bid to

ashtonlanemusic@gmail.com and name the email VIP BID!


and I'll know to check it out right away...


Hope to hang out with you very very soon!
Esther xxx
Ashton Lane


If you are coming from a far flung place you can of course make a Scottish holiday of a LIFETIME out of it 
as Scotland is a breathtaking country that you should try to visit... We will also personally give you advice on the best beauty 
spots in the highlands to visit...

Just email back with your bid! x


If you think you might enjoy this experience, we are doing an ebay style bidding system for the next few VIP days we are opening up. Space for these is limited, so email your best bid back to ashtonlanemusic@gmail.com