Live on the BBC!

Hi guys,

Quick update today on what's been happening...

Last week we appeared on BBC songs of praise, who had approached us about doing

a feature on our "Living Room Gigs" and what they mean to us.

They also chatted to us a little bit about our community, and the way that living room

gigs help to build community in an area...

You can check out the feature below...

(forgot to add the comments box today, just added it now!)...

We are also starting to think towards an August/ September tour to promote the new Ashton Lane album, we plan to do a mix of traditional venue and living room gigs…

We are also putting together 3 short tours for

May/ June

Aug/ Septemner


Dec/ January


If you fancy the idea of a living room gig

(a gig where you have a house party, invite your friends, and a band to come and play an acoustic gig!)

Just email me to tell me what city/ country you are in,

and I’ll give you some more info about how they work…


Also if you would like to see us perform in a local venue on our tour…

I thought that the best thing to do was get folks to email me

at with suggestions of venues (100-150 capacity) and/ or local festivals that I could get in touch with….

It will help us to piece together the tour and hopefully mean you also get to see us gig at a venue near you!


Ashton Lane xxx