Ashton Lane Digital Album

"Other Side"


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"Ashton Lane's 2nd Studio Album. A bluesy country gospel Album... Miss O'Connor's vocal technique seems as fiery  and precocious as her red hair."

(Classic Rock Magazine)

She flits effortlessly between, husky poppiness

to soulful stripped down and spine tingling. ’’

The List **** (Four Stars)

Hi guys!

Esther here, hope you are doing well ; )

Quick story behind this album... As a country band, we draw on all kinds of influences, and one of the strong influences we have is gospel music! We love those spiritual songs of the south, we call this our "Swampy, Bluesy" Album... It is truly the "Other Side" to Ashton Lane...

It's an evening album! Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and enjoy!

Esther xxx

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